What Does A Front-End Developer Do?

A front-end developer is one of the most important persons when it comes to website development. But it's not among the most popular fellows.

Today, most businesses operate on the web. The implication is simple. If you don’t want to be left behind, make sure that your brand does have a representation on the Internet. Most especially nowadays that the world is hit severely by COVID, most people are using their handheld phones and/or laptops to look for things they have to buy and use. In this sense, your business (whether it’s a startup or not) badly needs a website. This is a platform that is designed to boost the presence of your brand in the digital space. To ensure that your business website is going to be created in a world-class way as needed, you need to find the right website designer and developer.

Have you ever heard of a front-end developer? Chances are, if you are involved in website development, then you have! However, if you are not really tech-savvy, then you might not know exactly what it is and what they actually do. That is why you have to skim online references to understand the essential functions of front-end web developers. This is also the focus of this blog post - to let you know why you badly need this type of a website building professional.

For those who don’t know what it is and what the person does, then read on to know more about the position.

Why does a business need a website?

This is a great question which is given much emphasis here. Basically, a website serves as a platform for any brand solution to be showcased to the target audiences. Business entities are offering products or services, right? They are the solution which falls under the different brands. And the brand owners badly need a website so that the target customers will be able to know how great the brand offers are. Businesses have to establish a great relationship with the target customers. This is the ultimate way for them to reap ultimate growth and success. And by having a professionally designed website, the target customers will be able to appreciate the effectiveness of the offered solution.

Because every business needs a brand site, it is definitely essential that you will know what kind of people you need to hire for website design and development. You should know that a front-end developer is one of the most important positions in website development. Unfortunately, it’s also among the least recognized positions. Why? Because the most common term business people can ever hear about website professionals is just a website designer and developer. So, when business owners look for this professional, they only search for a web developer neglecting the front-end aspect.

What is the main role of a front-end developer?

Why is it necessary to know about the front-end developer? Well, you might need to create a website for your company and it’s necessary that you know about this particular work clearly. Perhaps you are already in the process of looking for a website developer, then at least you know what front-end development entails.

Basically, the front-end developer is responsible for translating data into code languages. The basic languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These languages don’t just allow the developer to create a website, they are also crucial in making the website function well.

Usually, people expect that the graphic designer has a hand on the actual development of a website, when in fact, some graphic designers don’t actually know much about website development. A website developer is too broad a term. Website development comprises various things and that includes the front end.

Why is it called front-end development? That’s because the person would be designing the front end of the website. But it’s not really about how the website looks, but about its operations. How is the web design being implemented in the website?

If you are looking for a front-end developer to be part of your website development, you definitely need to take a look at their front end developer portfolio.

Is there such a thing as a back-end?

Absolutely! The position wouldn’t be called the front-end developer if there is no back end. So what exactly is a back-end developer?

Let’s be more specific. Let’s say you are logging into a website. The page that you said, the one that asks for your log-in details, is partly the work of the front-end developer. Partly because the actual page design or the interface is the work of the UI designer. The science behind it is the work of the front-end developer.

The back-end developer is someone who works at the back-end of the website, which is the server. Basically, they do the behind-the-scenes action.

Basically, what you see on the browser is the front end. The part of the back-end developer is on a web server. It’s in the process that runs from the database to the web server.

Here’s another example to check out: blogs. When you read a blog, the front-end refers to the design: colors, fonts and images. The back-end refers to the movement from the database to the server that would be reflected in the page.

Skill and knowledge

In order to be a front-end developer, a person has to have both knowledge and skills. Knowledge is very important, of course, because not everybody knows the coding language. Not only that, it’s not an easy lesson to learn.

Knowledge comes in the ability to prioritize user experience. This is what we mean by functionality. It is very important that users will have an easy time navigating the page. Maneuverability is the essence of user experience. There is a UX designer that can do this design. It is the role of the front-end developer to consider the UX design and make it better. Some front-end developers are also UI and UX designers.

There is also skill and creativity needed. What you see in the pages of every website are created by the front-end developer. You can just imagine the load that this person has to carry. They have to ensure that what you see is easy to understand. More than that, it should be able to function well.

The skill comes to play when it comes to the translation of data through coding. Just because a person knows JavaScript, HTML and CSS, it doesn’t mean that they can already create a great front-end for the website. They may be able to create a front-end, but it might not be attractive or neat.

The page has to be neat because that is where understanding comes to play. Then it has to be lively as well. Because what’s the point of creating a website if there is no conversion.

How conversion comes into play?

In most cases, people are already aware of the website, which is why they visit it in the first place. But how can the business make people stay?

The front end is very crucial here. First, users will have a larger chance of staying if it is attractive. However, even if it is attractive, if the content is terrible, users will not be staying for long. Now let’s talk about conversion. If users stay on the website longer, then there is a chance they will be convinced to shop—granting the website has an e-commerce component.

Now let’s talk about the e-commerce element. If it’s not easy for people to shop, then they won’t be buying. Notice how some websites will ask too many questions from a user? That’s actually a reason for users not to push through with shopping. Imagine how many users will have similar experiences?

A terribly designed website can be a turnoff. But if it doesn’t function well, you will actually lose customers.

In other words, the front-end developer has a very important role in conversion. If the front-end doesn’t deliver, then there is no conversion.

Work doesn’t end

Just because a great website has already been delivered, it doesn’t mean that the role of the front-end developer is finished. The website has to be maintained and it has to be upgraded. The front-end developer has a lot to do with maintenance. While they don’t have to do it themself, their voice is very important in the process.

It is the same with upgrades. Trends change so it is important that the business is aware of the changes and that it should be on top of things. Well, the front-end developer, too, has to be on top with the implementation of new trends.


You have to keep this in your mind that when you do business, it is important to understand that the activities should continue. In relation to a biz website, after it’s being launched, there have to be more activities you should be considering. One of the essential things to prioritize is the ranking of the site on the different search engines. That is why you’re advised to look for a provider of an inclusive type of digital services. Not only web design and development services are needed, but are also Internet marketing strategies. When your business website ranks, always remember, your business is also doing well.

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