Reasons Why You Should Use The Cell Phone Mockup

Do you have great concepts that you have a hard time showing off because you are not good with words? Don't worry, the cell phone mockup has got you covered!

“Credit is good but we need cash.”

Have you seen those words before? Paying through a credit card is almost the same as paying in cash, but in some cases, almost doesn’t count. This is the same with digital products. Since they are digital, they are quite expensive to develop because most of them involve sophisticated technology. But how do you get across your great concept?

Some people may be able to understand concepts for digital products. However, there are those who will have a hard time understanding, especially if they are not really tech-savvy. So how do you make your concept become understandable? You do it by going the visual route. You do that by using a cell phone mockup.

What is a cell phone mockup?

A cell phone mockup is a visual representation of a digital product. It features the cell phone of your choice in a frame. The screen of the mobile phone is your blank canvas. This part of the mockup is editable. This is where you drag and drop your design.

For example, you have a concept for a mobile game app. You design the main page of your app and put it in an Android template PSD. This way, the recipients of your visual presentation will understand what you are trying to make. The visual presentation is not just something they can understand, it is also something that they can appreciate.

Also, don’t limit yourself to the main page of the app. That would of course be the most important because it will be the page that will make customers either want to know more about the app or buy it outright. You need a powerful cover page. However, not all people will be convinced by the first page alone. Some would want to know more about the digital product so they will have to read more about it. That’s where the other pages are also needed. They, too, should be ensconced in a cell phone mockup.

Here are the reasons why people use a mockup for professional presentations for digital products:

1. Realism

This is probably the most important reason for using a mockup. It’s easy to describe a great thing to people. They might nod to it and feel like they actually understood it. But when you see the actual product, it provides a different kind of understanding. Of course, the mockup isn’t really an actual product. However, the cell phone mockup is the most realistic presentation of a digital product.

What does realism do anyway? It allows the audience to imagine what the actual product will be like. That’s very important because it will also help them imagine if the product has a future in the market.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

Your design may be beautiful, but the cell phone mockup will elevate its beauty. For one, the mockup, especially when downloaded from a reputable website, is really professional to look at. It is a neat packaging that completes your presentation.

If you don’t have a chance to make an online presentation, if a company just asks you to send your proposal, then the mockup is already a complete presentation. When you see the design on the various mockup templates available, it doesn’t really need a lot of explanation. It basically tells you how the product will look like on a mobile phone.

There are also various templates to choose from that are beautiful to look at. So they are already attractive without your design. It will definitely complement your design. The best part is it can be the beauty aspect for your presentation if your digital product is simplistic in nature.

For example, if you are selling an ebook, the inside pages are pretty boring. It will be the cover page that will need most of your attention. However, there is nothing much you can do about the inside pages, which will be filled with words. In this case, the template will help you attract the attention you need for your digital product.

3. Wide range of templates

There are a lot of templates to choose from—from the actual template designs to the Android phones being used. So really, there are a lot of options for you. Even better, a lot of these templates are actually free. If you know how to look, you can find top-notch and high-quality templates without spending your money.

This way, you can find the best template to tell your story. If you want to attract the masses with an affordable digital product, you use a template that has an affordable Android phone on the frame. If it is a product that will attract businessmen, you can choose the template that uses the mobile phone popular among businessmen. If you plan to attract the youth, you can choose templates that have colorful backgrounds. Basically, you are using the template to provide a narrative for your product, which brings us to the next point.

4. Provides narrative

Various templates provide different narratives that could help make your digital product more attractive especially toward a specific market. The best way to actually do this is to find mockup templates that are not basic. The basic ones are those with the device as the main subject of the frame. Some mockups make use of real-world settings to show off a design.

Say your digital product is an online store. You can find a template that has a person holding their phone on one hand and a credit card on the other. This implies that they are paying for the products they brought online. The design for the online store will be on the screen of the phone.

Understandably, with the addition of the real-world setting, your design will not be emphasized. You actually have to zoom in on the screen of the mobile phone to see the design. Well, you can complement this mockup with another one. This is just so you will be able to write a proper story.

5. Easy to create

Actually, create may not be the right word to use here. You don’t actually need to create a mockup template since these are available online. However, these templates are really easy to personalize so that the product will be truly yours. The process basically involves downloading the template and dragging and dropping your own design on the screen of the mockup. 


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