Planning To Be an Apple Developer? Apple Watch PSD!

Do you want to be an Apple developer? It's a great opportunity and you cannot squander the chance to do so. Make a good impression with the Apple Watch Sketch.

A chance to be an Apple developer is so amazing that if you ever get an opportunity, you have to give it your all! Or you don’t even have to just sit around and wait for an opportunity. You can make a chance for yourself!

You want to know the secret of getting a great opportunity? It’s about the presentation! It’s not all about the presentation, mind you, of course you need to have a powerful concept. However, the presentation is just as important because you need to get the attention of the Apple people.

Now what is it about the presentation that you should focus on? The presentation tool! There is nothing more exciting than using the Apple Watch PSD as a packaging for your digital product.

What makes the Apple Watch Sketch special?

You should know that Apple applications are accurately depicted when you use Photoshop, XD and Sketch templates. So the Apple Watch Sketch will really work in your favor. Actually, all Apple watch mockup PSD will be great presentation tools.

Apple products have the best frame because they come with this reputation of being really sophisticated. Of course, with a price like those imposed for Apple products, they have to be sophisticated. But while some devices look sophisticated, they may not function as sophisticated as they should be. Apple devices are thankfully not among those. They look posh and their functions are as sophisticated as they should be.

They may just be frames but they carry over to the whole presentation. That’s the first reason why using Apple mockups will be great for your presentation—aside of course from having a great concept for an Apple digital product. We cannot emphasize it enough that your proposal should be good in order to be worthy of an Apple mockup as well as the chance to present a digital product concept for Apple.

But what makes the Apple Watch PSD special? The Apple Watch is among the latest devices that came out of the Apple brand. That is not withstanding the newer models that arrive like the latest lineups of iPhone models every year. As a generic device, the Apple Watch is among the newest Apple devices.

When you create a product that is best for the Apple Watch, you are also showcasing the other Apple devices. What do I mean? Every Apple Watch is synced with your other Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac. That means you are showcasing at least two designs to the Apple audience. You basically have more platforms to demonstrate how good your concept is.


Let’s talk about the Apple Watch itself—or the Apple Watch Sketch that you will be making for your presentation. You might think that it would be hard to do so considering that when you really look at the Apple Watch, no matter how gorgeous it looks, the screen is still really small. That means your design frame is limited. That is, if you are showcasing the real size of the product.

Good thing that you don’t have to stick with that. When it comes to a presentation, you can take liberties of showing off details that would not have been possible when you just show off the real size of the product. Be bold! When you look around for Apple mockups, you will realize that there are so many of them that could showcase the different facets of your digital product.

Of course, it is always good to be prepared. Just in case the Apple people actually ask you how your design looks in Apple Watch’s real size, then you should have that output as well. That’s part of the design process anyway. Just because you are just making a presentation in order to get a deal, it doesn’t mean that you don’t actually figure out the real output for yourself. You can’t just put out a concept that is half-baked.

Possible app products

So what are the possible apps that you could design for the Apple Watch that you could possibly develop for Apple?


The Apple Watch is your perfect organizer. People are always with their watch because it is wearable. This means that even when they go to the toilet, they will have their watch with their wrist. Some people fancy thinking that they can’t live without their iPhone but they actually can because they don’t take it with them to the toilet—well, maybe some of them will.

When you develop an online organizer for the Apple Watch, people can be updated all the time with their planned activities—even when they are in the toilet. Also, when you make a concept, make sure that there is something different about the product. The same goes for the design. Make it that the digital product will shine through during the presentation.


How many times have you been to a meeting and it’s just plain boring? For sure, some people have experienced the same fate as you. Since it’s disrespectful to take out one’s phone in the middle of the meeting, people can discreetly play with some mobile games on their Apple Watch. On your part, you also need to conceptualize a game that doesn’t need a person to make a lot of movements. If the person needs to press the Apple Watch too much, then they will look suspicious to the other people in the room.

It may seem like we are trying to sabotage meetings here. Don’t worry, the games are not specifically for bored people in a meeting. It can be for everybody. There are so many times that we have nothing to do and we get bored. Like when you go to a bank and there’s a queue, or when you are in public transportation waiting to reach your destination. In these cases, your Apple Watch is your best friend.

Health apps

The most common apps for the Apple Watch are the health-related ones. This is because it is so much easier for a wearable device to track your activities—your steps, heart rate and pulse, among others. In fact, the first wearable device was made specifically for health monitoring. This is an essential app so you don’t have to overthink whether this is a digital product that is already saturated. There can never be too many health apps in the market. 


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