A Creative Agency Should Know The Value Of Mobile Friendliness

A creative agency should know the importance of a website being mobile-friendly. This is a vital key to success.

The mobile friendliness of a business website is an important aspect the hired website design agency should be considering with an utmost priority. This is one of the most vital keys to know and apply. That is why you have to read this entire article because it can provide you with details on how to design a mobile-friendly site. Why is it important? Keep in mind that there are over 3.5 billion users of mobile devices (smartphones and other smart devices). Those users are considered as your direct target market.

What are some of the examples to consider a website as unfriendly to mobile devices? Did you try opening a website content with unreadable or overlapping texts? How about having a page loaded on your mobile phone with cluttered and disorganized images? These are typical examples of a poorly designed website. You need to address the said issues because if they remain unsolved, they can cause your brand to lose the potential market. One of the suggested strategies is to find a creative agency with this aspect as part of their specialization.

Thus, the website designers to work for your brand should be able to create a website which is mobile-friendly. This is a recommendation by experts. Look at the figures below:

● In 2015, 31% of Internet users viewed websites using their smartphones

● In 2019, 51% among the website users preferred the use of devices for Internet purposes

The implication is simple. As years continue to pass by, more Internet users prefer the use of their portable devices in browsing Google, Facebook, and other search engines as well as apps. When you do business, it is quite necessary to have a website that can provide ease and comfort to mobile users. Take note that most users of the web are just using mobile phones. Tapping them is an essential way for your business to become highly profitable. Yes, it is the profit aspect you’re focusing on when doing business. Hence, it is advised to penetrate those people who have been using those small gadgets.

Test the site for mobile friendliness

Testing is the key. The hired creative agency should be able to test out the performance of the brand website on mobile phones. Does it mean only the new websites should be tested because they’re fresh ones? How about the existing ones? Whether the site is a fresh or an existing one, you have to test out all the pages using a mobile phone. By doing this, you can have a clear picture on what you should do next. If the existing site, for instance, does have problems in loading the pages through a phone, then it’s time for you to look for a creative agency with expertise in boosting the site loading capacity on smartphones. Or, if you’re planning to have a fresh website for your startup, then make sure that the site itself is friendly to all mobile users.

The more than 3.5 billion users of smartphones these days can be your biggest target market. Well, you can’t target all of them. But even if you just have thousands of website followers and you’re making a good impression, your business is going to have its full potential realized. Realizing such a potential means the conversion rates tend to go higher. Pleasing the users of tablets, iPads, Apple watches, and smartphones is the main thing to reckon with. Without doing this, the conversion rates are going to decrease. Why? You’re not hitting the right target audiences (those people who are part of the now-popular smart-device-based net users.

How to test the business website for mobile friendliness?

This is a good question. The answer to this can give you an idea on what you need to do. Of course, the hired website design firm must be able to know some tools and other means to be used for this purpose. Primarily, you can simply test out the website performance on a mobile phone by using your own cellular phone with Internet connection. Try to open some pages of your brand website. By this way, you will be able to see what pages do have problems or issues. There are examples cited above already, like when the images are cluttered or the texts are not organized. The visibility of the website pages should be 100% great. Otherwise, the website itself is not friendly to the users of the smart devices.

Furthermore, check the responsiveness of the site. The response time is an important element for website success. There can be a lot of factors associated with slow response. Two of the popular factors are server-related issues and unoptimized images. When the images are too heavy to handle, the tendency is for your website to clog. The capacity to load the pages abruptly is hindered. As well, the server should run and handle fast the information needed by the users of the site. When these two things are compromised, your business website will be having issues and problems.

Another thing is about the navigation aspect. You need to test out the response of the site with respect to loading pages. If it takes more than 6 seconds, then there is a tendency that you’re going to lose a lot of potential customers. They won’t appreciate your brand website. The lack of appreciation can cause the business website to have a poor numerical performance. This numerical performance refers to the accumulation of potential customers (leads) and their conversion into sales and profits. Thus, it is really necessary that you can hire a creative agency with the real potential in knowing the causes of your site’s problems and in coming up with effective solutions.

Being mobile friendly is the ultimate way to success

The conversion rates of your business are highly dependent on how many people will open and use your website pages for information and content purposes. This is the initial goal of every web user - to find important and relevant content. When a website is unfriendly to mobile phone users, then a huge number of potential leads will be lost. This is the general factor you have to consider why the brand website should be mobile friendly. A wider audience is based on the users of iOS and Android devices, so to speak. Getting in touch with them through highly boosted and well-optimized website pages is a great way to succeed in business.

According to a report, there are about 5 hours on average being spent by the users of mobile phones to use their devices for searching things on the web or for whatever purpose they may have on their mind. 5 hours average per day is a great number to consider in business. Within that period of time being spent, most mobile web searchers/users will be finding out things they want to buy. Products. Services. Either of these two general categories, you can have the great chance to have a boosted brand performance when your website is able to respond smoothly to all queries through mobile. In other words, you need to tap the potential audience using smart devices.

Be competitive enough and success can easily be hit

The competitiveness level of your business must dramatically be high. This is an essential component for your endeavor to become fruitful in the end. One of the effective means you can perform to achieve this goal is through optimizing the website for mobile users. It must be a top priority because it is where your success depends much upon. Ensure that your biz site is mobile friendly. By doing so, you’re giving a wider audience the needed comfort and convenience. When they feel the comfort and convenience, the result would be favorable to your end. There can be an expected rise of potential leads who will become the avid fanatics of your brand.

It’s to make your website mobile-friendly that really matters nowadays. Well, not just this one. Even the users of laptops and desktops should also not be taken for granted. In general sense, the wider audience can be found from those who are using mobile devices. Out of 3.5 bn users of smartphones, not all of them do have personal computers at home. So, the basic tenet here is that there are more leads from those who are using the small and portable devices for Internet purposes. This is the bottom line why you have to hire a creative agency with tested credentials in designing and creating a mobile-friendly business site.

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